So what exactly happened the past two days?

Houston Eagle

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Aug 11, 2005
First of all this USM team is legit. I've been conditioned as a USM fan for a big let down, but this time the best happened.

Secondly, let's talk LSU. Did USM just beat them twice in 24 hours? USM's all time record is terrible versus LSU. Not taking away from USM, but I'm glad we caught them at the right time and at home because we all saw what it took to squeak past them. LSU even without the average pitching still played gritty and determined with hit after freaking hit. I think they made costly errors at the worst time. It took a lot of things to go wrong for LSU and a lot to go right for USM just to even the playing field. This LSU team with even average pitching would've hosted their own regional and won it.

We'll this helps to make up for all those losses in Metarie at Zephyr field.

USM's pitching got it done when they had too and really made me a believer.

Last but not least I love the canoe paddle. My only guess as to its meaning is after losing the first game to LSU, USM felt they "were up a creek", but they DID have a paddle(pitching).

Two more to Omaha!

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